About us

Our Team

Our team consists of a couple called Marilyn and Michael. Marilyn was born in the North West of England and Michael is from the South. They met online, yes it really does happen, and from there they lived and married in Jersey, a beautiful island in the English Channel, full of sun, sea and sand.

As Michael loves to travel around places they found Jersey to be a little restrictive, it being only 9 miles by 5 miles, and in 2017 they decided to move to South Wales. They have met so many lovely people and Wales is such a beautiful place, it changes almost from day to day. They enjoy going for walks along the beaches and through the woods, there are so many all around.

Our Company

The company was first formed in June 2008.

Over the years the team have taken many photographs and Marilyn just loves graphic design. She has spent many hours turning photographs into humorous cards and adding funny graphics like hats, spectacles, red lips, eye-lashes and much more to make our cards unusual and different.

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Beautiful poems, funny and sad helps to let people know how you feel when you get stuck for words (especially me). Get some done and sent to family and friends before it's too late. The personal touch with photo is a lovely idea. You won't be disappointed.....
Joyce Wallasey
When we have difficult times in our lives and find it hard to say the right thing ... Say it with one of Marilyn's beautiful poems.....
Anne Jersey
'Light, bright, a sheer delight, Positive and thought provoking'
Wendy Berkshire